Appalam is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food from the Indian sub-continent. We offer a wide range of dry roast appalams made from gram flour and various Indian blended spices.

Masala Appalam

The masala appalam we offer is made from gram flour and a blend of indian spices. It is dry roasted under hygienic conditions and packed efficiently. We guarantee you to the taste and flavour of the appalam. It has a long shelf-life too. It is free from adulteration and crisp and crunchy too.

Aam papad

Aam papad is Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried. It is delicious. We preserve the aam papad with natural ingredients and use no artificial preservatives or colour. It is made from good quality Alphonso mangoes.

Plain papad

For those who don’t like spices and masala, we also have plain papad. It is a thin, crisp preparation that is made completely using quality ingredients. It goes well with rice items and can be eaten as a standalone snack.

Dal papad

Urad dal papad is highly popular in India. It is known as appalam in the South and papad in the North. They can be roasted, fried or grilled depending on how you want to consume it. It is served as an accompaniment.

Garlic papads

Garlic papad is made with urad flour, edible oil, garlic and salt. It has a long shelf-life and enhances the taste and flavour of every meal. It is free from artificial flours.

Green chilli papad

Give your everyday meals an extra spicy touch with green chilli papad. It is processed with real green chilli and makes a great snack.

Cumin papad

When cumin is added to papad, it gives it a rich flavour. It is made from urad dal and dry processed. It can be fried or dry roasted. It can be served as a snack or relished with a meal of rice.

Moong papad

Just how dal papad is prepared with urad dal, moong papad is prepared with urad dal and various Indian spices. It is rolled paper thin and dried in the sun. It is often done on the stove or fried. The offer snack contains no artificial colour or flavour.

Papad chips

Papad chips are a healthy and nutritious alternative to potato chips. Instead of making round, thin wafer-like papads, we make them into chips. The chips are dry-roasted and seasoned. They make a great tea time snack.

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